Sensory Environment Assessment

We offer an on-site sensory environment assessment that allows you to explore the work environment and how it impacts your employees.

Sensory Environment

Changes to the Sensory Environment can have a huge impact on employees and customers with Autism.


Ensuring that your work environment is accessible brings many benefits to your organisation; therefore, the sensory environment assessment is key to reducing and eliminating the barriers within your organisation.

There are particular elements that require exploration to ensure that an environment is accessible to people with Neurodiversities.

The lighting within an environment is important for people with regards to productivity. Lighting can cause difficulties for people due to the intensity and buzzing produced from certain bulbs. The impact of lighting on people varies but can range from distraction to experiencing pain.

Office Layout

The layout of a work environment is important to provide structure and consistencies for employees. This reduces anxieties relating to unpredictability or uncertainties within the environment.

There are other environmental factors that are evaluated within the assessment; however, each one of these elements can be overcome or reduced with little or no cost. We will provide you with a report that includes recommendations to overcome these barriers to accessibility.

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